About Us

Fox and Bear is the creative extension of Houston Hanna. He focuses on graphic design, photography, illustration, and especially enjoys combining them, but any creative project may pique his interest. Fox and Bear is based in north Phoenix, and is always open to requests and commissions.

Houston Hanna is a Phoenix-based designer, illustrator & photographer. Fine arts major turned designer, Houston has always loved finding new ways to merge traditional techniques and mediums with digital to create new and beautiful works of art.

Growing up through elementary school he would doodle Poke’mon and painted pictures of forests. Having been introduced to digital art in early high-school, he became enamored with digital painting and space-scapes.  He took every art class in high school he could with the goal of being an artist for Pixar Animations (His favorite movie is Finding Nemo). However, when he attended art school in San Diego, his goals shifted towards being a graphic designer and illustrator, even though he still loves environmental design! He loves working with start ups and non-profits, although any client with a challenging or interesting idea is welcome! His other passions are reading, philosophy, nature, and special needs interests.

He works very hard to ensure the work he delivers is 100%.

If you would like to commission Fox and Bear for your latest project, or simply chat feel, free to get in touch.