Sea of Galilee Sunrise – Photo

The Sea of Galilee at Sunrise

Sea of Galilee at Sunrise – Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of the week is a sunrise from the Sea of Galilee, in Israel. It’s also called Lake Kinneret by the locals! Historically important as the Biblical center of Jesus’ ministry. Having grown up in Arizona, and primarily land locked on all sides, nothing could have prepared me for the absolute beauty of the sunrise on this lake. The land is very low on all sides, and from the city of Tiberias, where this was taken, facing due east, you can watch the sun come up and create the most incredible colors off of the water and distant land. I consider myself blessed to live in Arizona, where we have incredible sunrises and sunsets ourselves most of the year, but I definitely am jealous of the people who live on this lake.

The lake was amazing at other times of the day as well, as you can see below. Israel is a country that you could spend years exploring and find new areas to photograph, as it has such rich history and significant archeological sites. In fact at many historical sites I witnessed wedding photographers and their couples taking wedding photos on top of or next to ancient ruins.

The Sea of Galilee at SunriseThe Sea of Galilee at MiddayThe Sea of Galilee at Sunset

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