Grand Canyon North Rim – Photo

Grand Canyon North Rim

Grand Canyon North Rim

Our photo of the week was taken on a vacation I took to northern Arizona with my dad! I had been to the south end of the Grand Canyon before, but had never visited it’s northern half. It’s incredibly beautiful Arizona scenery, and much quieter than the its southern half. We were on our way to the Kaibab region, an area renown among hunters for it’s legendary sized deer. We happened to see some of those deer and the legend is well deserved, they were massive, and much harder to get photographs of.

This place is definitely on my list of amazing places to photograph in Arizona, and if it weren’t for the long drive from Phoenix, would be a place I regularly visited. Still, if you’re looking for stunning backdrops for your photos or maybe just a quieter travel destination, this is it. Other nearby incredible locations include the very famous Antelope Canyon, and the Kaibab region. These photos were all taken on the same trip about September. It gets quiet snowy just a few weeks later, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of going up!

Grand Canyon North RimGrand Canyon North Rim

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